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Angel Pantoja for State Representative

 My name is Angel Pantoja, I am officially announcing my candidacy for State Representative in the 7th Bristol District. I’m a 38 year old Hispanic compassionate conservative Marine Iraqi & Afghan combat veteran. I am also a single father that has lived in Fall River since 1996. Throughout many years I have seen what has become of our once thriving city. I could no longer bear to see our infrastructure degrade, record number homelessness continue to climb, and our public safety departments continue to struggle. 

Our city has struggled with neglected roads, ever increasing crime, and skyrocketing tax increases that continue to cripple our hard working class taxpayers. I am running for State Representative to provide real relief to the taxpayer and fight for the everyday average citizen because I am one. I have felt the effects of unreasonable policies, state gas tax, and unfair legislative pay raises that do nothing but hurt taxpayers like you and I.

We have been represented by the same people for so long and nothing ever changes. More promises will be made that will never be fulfilled during election time. I will act to usher in changes in governance that will improve our community and quality of life. I pledge to never vote to raise taxes or fees, and never vote myself a pay raise. I will always serve and act in the best interests of ALL the people. The people of our great city deserve a state representative that will aggressively defend their stake in our state government. I look forward to earning your support and confidence. 

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