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Transparency & accountability  

We live in an age where often critically important information regarding the governance of our district is distorted, filtered, and censored to fabricate a desired outcome. Our citizens deserve to have full knowledge of the policies and matters that effect their lives. Each of our citizens have an equal stake in the decisions that policy makers make in their interests. If elected, I pledge to honestly communicate with our citizens in any and all projects, programs, or legislation that may be under consideration. I am accountable to you!

Constituent Inclusion & Engagement


I believe the foundation of successful governance begins with the inclusion and engagement of our constituents. Together we can work in unison to collaborate and propel our district of Fall River to new prosperous heights into the future. We are all stakeholders in our local government. Your collective innovation, creativity, and ideas are the keys to change in a governance that works for everyone. I value your engagement and voice. We are in this quest for change together, and I pledge if elected to invite all constituents to reach out to me in an open door policy, and to be accessible at all times for any and all concerns regarding our city and district. 

Representative governance for the people

  The opportunity to be a viable option in this upcoming election is one of the greatest honors a lifelong resident of our city can have. The city of Fall River has been in a dividend and uncertain crossroads for an extended period of time. What is most important in representative governance is a representative that will serve in the best interest of the people. It is time to restore the faith of our citizens by earning the respect, trust and confidence of our community that we represent. The position of public office exists to serve you, and not the special interests of the few. If elected, my vision for the future of our district will consists of limited government where the interests of those I represent comes first. I pledge to stand firmly behind the beliefs of the constituents that entrust me to make the right educated decisions on their behalf. I will stand firmly with the consent of the governed to vote for policy that will provide them with the funding this city rightfully deserves.  







Committee to Elect Angel Pantoja 
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